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If you’re planning to become an affiliate marketer, I know you might be wondering how to succeed. Affiliate marketing is essential in helping advertisers to storm and expand their market. The strategy allows you to reach and colonize new customers/audiences due to stiff competition in the market.

However, even experienced affiliate marketers know that developing a profitable/worthy affiliate program requires time. This article is here to ease the building process through 10 SEO tips for running a successful affiliate website built on an expired domain as an affiliate marketer.

Use these actionable techniques for scaling your organic traffic to sell more products.

Below are some of the best tips for running an affiliate website successfully:

Develop Creative and Outstanding Content

Try to come up with competitive content that even your compactors won’t compete with. Proving to be the best and valuable middlemen is the common problem facing affiliate marketers. So, coming up with unique content will distance you from colleagues with low-quality content.

affiliate website content value

The ability to act quickly and be agile is the best weapon affiliates enjoy over-developed brands regarding content marketing. Remember, established brands may spend a lot of time developing and approving content, but a fellow can create high-standard content within a shorter period.

Once your content is acceptable, Google will have no other option but give it a pass, adding some value.

Don’t Apply Storm and Raid Strategy

Many beginners in this affiliate marketing game tend to go an inch deep and a mile wide. This doesn’t seem right as they try to raid forty inches in a few years. After hearing that your friends earn a lot of money from marketing products in mushrooming niches and Clickbank Items, you will lose focus.

This happens when you decide to run multiple affiliating marketing on many websites randomly. Trying to manage all the sites may round your effort to zero. Making a single achievement in affiliate marketing is always key to your next moves; don’t hurry; go with your pace.

Build a Recurring Revenue Foundation

Sometimes affiliate marketing resembles gambling; it’s not a guarantee that your existing strategy will last and work in a few months. You need to be aggressive and withstand challenges like Google upgrading its ranking algorithm, increasing media purchasing cost, or shutting your favorite program. Learn to compete against such adjustments.

There exist two ways to handle this, i.e., building and diversifying your recurring capital. Many affiliate marketers concentrate on past income generations, which is still not a bad idea. However, there are chances that one-time payouts won’t protect you from significant adjustments in your marketing strategy.

That’s why it’s advisable to set aside recurring revenue from affiliate revenue. This approach’s feasibility is based on the available products and your niche. So, building a periodic revenue foundation will help you survive market adjustments; you’ll still earn something no matter what happens.

Establish a BRAND That Can Add Value to Consumers

It would help if you did not get surprised that the brand bias of Google is strengthening. This becomes a concern to some affiliates as they have not traditionally developed the habit of building a solid brand. There’s a lot of leading sites that are managed and run by affiliates. Some of these sites include; insurance, property, travel, homeware, and personal finance.

build brand affiliate website

Some of the extra-successful affiliate sites are; Compare.com, Agoda, Moneysupermarket, Houzz, LastMinute.com, and Which are firmly established brands with editorial integrity that offer valuable service to consumers. As days go by, it will be challenging for affiliate marketers to grow without a trustworthy brand. So consider strategies you’re using to establish the affiliate website brand.

Promote Products That Add Value to Your Affiliate Income

Use the order of magnitude to determine what the profitable products to be promoted are. Let your strategy for developing affiliate sites be guided by valuable product promotion. Such products will increase your affiliate revenue.

Always learn to advance from the lowest level to the highest. For example, if a product is earning you $100 per month, you need to figure out where to get products to generate $1K per month.

Use CTR Optimizations to Maximize Current Rankings

Sometimes your content might be performing better in rankings, but returns are reduced. For example, you might not be experiencing increased title tags, page views, and under-performing Meta descriptions. You, therefore, need to consider utilizing CTR optimization to attract many people to your site.

maximize CTR

This technique will always try to get many people visiting your site. Experts use spreadsheets with specific formulae when identifying under-performing pages either quickly, bulky, and efficiently. So, after placing the under-performing pages, test and tweak your title tag. Continue tweaking and testing your Meta description until the CTR improves.

Don’t Depend Only on One Traffic Source

Sometimes affiliate marketers may wake up and realize their business is capsizing. This happens when Google is making adjustments like Google launching the previous Panda update, releasing Penguin Update. This happens to brands who have developed Organic Facebook Page customers/audiences.

Such adjustments tend to happen from time to time, affecting a lot of third-party platforms. So, in such situations, it’s good to embrace traffic diversification. Sincerely, you have to own audiences and not rent them. If you choose the rent way, do it from various sources.

Get Ahead of Seasonal and Breakout Trends

Take advantage of seasonal and breakout trends. Affiliate markers always survive on new trends that continue to fly. So, creating remarkable and unique million niches won’t be a problem. Seasonal trends refer to those recurring events and are always predictable. So, you have enough time to prepare yourself.

For this reason, Google Trends remains your best teacher when searching for seasonal trends. You only have to type in a keyword and figure how its volume recurs throughout the year.


On the other hand, breakout trends refer to unpredictable events occurring once in a while. Even experienced industry experts have to face difficulties in predicting such events. From online TVs and electronic cigarettes to cinnamon-flavored whisky and selfie sticks, it’s hectic.

Learning from experts’ predictions is an excellent idea to know what products are worth promoting. More so, go on and predict which countries will increase in population and start promoting hotels and flights

Don’t Focus on Keyword Targeting; Concentrate on Topic Targeting

The attempt of Google to minimize the SEO consumer’s concentration on keyword targeting has not been subtle. Digital marketers are going through a hard time trying to target specific keywords due to Google adjustments.

So, it would help if you came up with suitable keywords for easy search. Equipping the audience with topic-targeting keywords will earn you a lot of long-tail traffic.

Be Ready for Mobile

Under this strategy, you need to understand that diverting traffic to websites that are not mobile-friendly expects to miss many potential commissions. Nowadays, Google is trying to send tokens to web admins with mobile-friendly websites. They even introduced a mobile-friendliness checker, displaying whether a specific site is mobile friendly or not in search engines.

Therefore, owning a mobile-friendly site might be one of the best ways to outrank your non-mobile-friendly colleagues in the search engines. Another consideration is that once many people have used and purchased mobile devices, specific niches, search criteria, and products will become popular.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do affiliates do SEO?

There are four ways that one can use to balance his/her SEO efforts and affiliate marketing. Find a profitable niche, reconsider your current keyword strategy, optimize the website content, and develop links to boost site authority. Doing so attracts high-quality traffic and increases affiliate income.

Is affiliate marketing profitable?

Those people who are willing to capitalize on affiliate marketing enjoy continuous income revenue generation. Nowadays, affiliate remains one of the best income-generating ways via online platforms. Besides, this type of online marketing can be used to enhance brand awareness and drive sales.

Can affiliate links help/hurt SEO?

Mostly, affiliate links don’t hurt or help your SEO directly. Through major program networks, affiliate links can’t influence one’s SEO negatively. This is because they are not indexed beyond the web. So, you need to be careful when choosing the right affiliate site to promote your products.

Why are most affiliate marketers unsuccessful?

Poor marketing strategies are what most newbies encounter. Lack of skills is another reason why an affiliate may fail. Setting too high objectives may also make you fall; you need to get rich faster, yet you are a beginner. Forget about it!


A flourishing affiliate market is nothing less than being persistent. You can’t be sure that your next salary will be the same; it may increase or decrease. This is only among a few challenges that affiliates encounter with their sites. There are chances to reduce such challenges through the above 10 SEO tips for running a successful affiliate website as an affiliate marketer.

Failure to implement appropriate approaches will earn you fewer commissions. Try to be aggressive and use the above strategy to expand your market.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask via the comment box below.

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