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The domain expiration date is when the owner of a domain will lose control of a domain. However, the domain expiration is not the date when the domain owner will no longer be able to renew a domain name.

Instead, there is a ‘grace period’ of around two months after a domain has expired where a domain name can be renewed by the domain name owner, although there may be additional fees associated with it.

As long as the domain continues to be registered and is not allowed to expire beyond the grace period, then the original owner of a domain will always own it. However, there are ways in which the ownership can be changed including:

  • The sale of a domain name
  • Legal process
  • UDRP action

In the past, there were specific domain names which never expired. The domain with a ‘.ro’ TLD was one of these domains. However, after the issues those non-expiring domains caused, it was easy to see why domains need to be renewed. It is because if they never expire, the best domain names will always be taken.

The cost to renew a domain name will vary, and it will be entirely dependent on the registrar and the domain name extension.

How do you know when a domain will expire?

If you own a domain name, then all information should be included at your registrar. All you need to do is log in to your account and check the info there.

It is worth noting that registrars have a legal obligation to send you several emails which will tell you when your domain is about to expire and when, ultimately, it has expired. Therefore, it is vital that you make sure that your email address is kept up to date.

If you are looking for expiration information on a domain owned by somebody else, you will be able to use one of the many WHOIS databases out there. It is ideal if you want to know when a domain name is expiring because you wish to purchase it. However, do bear in mind that it is close to impossible that a good domain name will not be renewed.

In some cases, even if they are not renewed, the best domain names are going to sell for an incredibly high price during domain auctions during the ‘pending delete’ phase.

How can you renew a domain?

It is easy. If you want to renew a domain, log in to your registrar and find the renew button. If you do not wish to worry about renewing your domain name each year, you can set it up to automatically renew on the renewal date.

It means that you will never need to worry about the domain name expiring as long as you have money in your account.

The maximum amount of years that you can pay for at once will be ten years. If you are using a decent registrar, you will get a discount on your renewal. You can choose to renew your domain name at any time. You do not have to wait until the domain name has expired.

What happens if your domain has expired?

If you do not renew your domain during the lengthy grace period, your domain name will enter the ‘pending delete’ phase.

If your domain is a few years old and has several backlinks pointed towards it, it is likely that people will buy it at auction. However, if it is not valuable to anybody, it will be entirely deleted and available for re-registration just like the first day you registered your domain.

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