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User Interface

Dynadot features the multilingual user interface (MUI) which you can really call intuitive. The domain registration is as straightforward as it can be. The process takes about 30 seconds and has instant results. The end user gets asked to make up a security question, and it is the feature we did not like. Security questions are necessary, but we feel they should be from a drop-down list as with free will over the question and the answer there is little chance of remembering it down the line.


User Interface

After the domain is purchased, it can be a bit difficult for new, inexperienced users to find their way around. Experiences users generally know what they are looking for and how to find it. But with a bit of scouting and reading a new user can get things going smoothly.

Domain Pricing

Domains start at $0.99 for the .xyz domains. Most other domains cost between two and nine dollars. When you register a domain, the domain is registered for one year, and the renewal price is somewhere the same, slightly higher or three to twenty times the original price. It all depends on the TLD of the domain. But quite a lot cheaper than many other registrar renewal prices.

The pricing is very transparent in this regard. A user will have no doubts about how much there is to pay and when. Upsales do exist, but it is not nearly as annoying or aggressive as with many other registrars. The higher value domains are available, but mostly in the background if you wish to look them over.


TLDs: Registration, Renewal and Transfer Prices

Every domain comes with free Whois privacy, which protects the end user´s domains, email accounts and registry information from scammers and spammers. Overall it is good value when you consider the total price.

Also, if you refer a friend or colleague to Dynadot, you can get a $5 credit on your account after the referral’s first purchase.

Domain Transfer

There is a dedicated page for domain transfers.

A user must simply input a domain name and an authorization code provided by the original registrar. Everything is thoroughly explained, and you also get a frequently asked question section which can be quite useful.


Domain Transfer

Domain transfers take from 5 to 15 days, but usually getting results around the 6th day. Also, you must be able to receive e-mails at your Whois e-mail address to authorize a transfer.

If the domain transfer fails, it simply remains in the original registrar, and the credit is returned to the Dynadot account. Dynadot does not receive “.NGO” TLD  transfers. You must be able to receive e-mails at your Whois e-mail address to authorize a transfer.

Domain Settings

Domains come locked by default; a user must unlock the account to be able to unlock a domain. This feature allows the user to delete and transfer the domain to another registrar or move the domain to another account. The lock feature is mainly implemented for safety reasons.


Unlock Account

Since Dynadot is an ICANN approved registrar, the domains are locked for 60 days before a user can transfer the domain to another registrar.

Dynadot is also one of the only registrars that allow grace deletions. It gives you a total of 118 hours after the purchase of a domain to be able to delete it. It will refund the cost of the domain, minus any deletion fees.


Manage Domains

The user can push the domain to any Dynadot account with a simple domain push request, including the recipient’s forum name. Then the user follows the checkout process, and then the recipient receives an email asking for confirmation of this action. It is a free transaction and can be done in bulk. The domain can also be pulled, but this process cannot be done in bulk.

For more advanced features, the user can change the default DNS settings.

Any new domain purchased is parked by default. You can set your default settings to forwarding, stealth forwarding or even custom DNS, where you can specify your DNS records using Dynadot servers.

The user gets several different options to choose from, including default E-mail forwarding. But, we would recommend having an advanced level of technical knowledge before tinkering with these settings.

Email & Hosting

Starting with hosting, Dynadot provides VPS (virtual private hosting) hosting. In simple terms, it means that the user account is allocated specific server resources. This solution is good for a high traffic website or those that are dedicated to services that require some amount of server resources.


VPS Hosting

It can be quite a bit more expensive than the traditional shared hosting, but it also provides you with a big step up in performance and latency.

The drawback on VPS hosting is that the user must have a decent amount of experience as this is an advanced type of internet hosting that is recommended for medium to large scale websites.

Dynadot Email hosting is also a basic web hosting service, where you can create a static HTML website. It is great for simple and occasionally updated sites that do not use databases or PHP. It’s a good option for a small business that needs a simple website but a robust Email hosting service.


Email Hosting

It comes with a custom control panel where you can set up any Email client accounts and an unlimited amount of other Email accounts. An advantage of this service is it is easily upgradable to relieve the pressure of any fast-growing business.

Dynadot registrar is an excellent option if you are looking to buy domains here and opt for another hosting service with their cheap starting and renewal prices. Also, the registrar is amongst the best of the domain registrars out there, concerning price and domain features.

Customer Support

The customer gets a dedicated tab on the top right for support. You can browse through handy help files, create a ticket and access a 24/7 live chat. We tested the live chat support very late on a Sunday evening and got almost instant replies with very organic and dedicated people behind it. It’s an overall fantastic customer support experience.


Live Chat Support

The help files are incredibly descriptive and complete. You can get a help file for every one of the features and processes that Dynadot offers. We recommend opening a help file and following the step by step instructions to complete any task regarding your domains.


Help Files

If you ever get lost or you have a problem with your domains or hosting, be sure that there’s someone ready to help on the other side of the dedicated support chat.

We're in the process of changing the credit card payment processor. For now, you can still pay with PayPal Standard at checkout and for the credit card option, you should contact us to arrange a direct credit card payment link.
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