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The term “expired domain” refers to a domain that has been released by the responsible registrar and is available for re-registration. As a rule, they have backlinks, domain authority, and age. Those values are of great importance to SEO.

How to Find Expired Domain with SEO Value?

You can easily find and buy an expired domain through an expired domain selling service, in which domains can be searched by setting individual filter criteria. After the purchase, they are ready for transfer out or domain pushing.

For some top-level domains, the delete status cannot be determined without additional information, since the deletion is done, for example, without specific deadlines. Also, the information in the WHOIS for gTLD domains is not always up to date, as ICANN issues it with a delay of several minutes. In general, it is only possible to check domains that become available with high-end technical tools.

Values of Expired Domain

Expired domains are also often SEO valuable because of domain names (e.g., keyword domain). Also, they have higher chances to rank in Google with the power of the link juice of existing inbound links.

Values are:

  • Still Google indexed
  • Not affected by Google sandbox
  • Targeted keywords within the domain name
  • Existing backlinks on high-authority publication and topic/niche relevant websites

There are 3 types of expired domains:

  1. Domains whose value can only be defined by the domain name (e.g., a generic domain such as “keyword.com”).
  2. Domains whose value does not depend on the domain name but SEO factors, such as domain age, backlinks, referring domains, referring IPs, trust, etc.
  3. Domains for which the value depends on the two criteria mentioned above, i.e., generic/brandable domain name + SEO factors.

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However, there is a separate market for finding, registering and reselling expired domains. On the Internet, domaining is seen as a source of income, and a large number of domain sellers have already specialized in this business model.

Effective Use of Expired Domains

Since the domain topic and the language are usually not changed, expired domains can be used for new projects due to the existing backlink structure.

Domains with targeted keywords are re-registered when they become available to increase the number of organic keywords that site can rank for. Widespread use is a 301 redirection.

To make a profit from an expired domain, as long as no new content has been created or before it is resold, income can be generated through domain parking through advertising.

From an SEO Perspective

Considering search engine optimization, the re-registration of expired domains offers a significant advantage. Google doesn’t have insight into the owner data of domains or is provided with information about the deletion status. However, this is not the case with .com TLD domains.

SEOs are still using expired domains to build satellites, PBNs and money site to increase rankings in the SERPs with the help of existing and aged backlink profiles. However, such methods are less tolerated over the years by Google, and all comes to quality and skill nowadays.

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