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GoDaddy is probably the largest domain registrar in the world. There are very few companies out there who can afford ad space during the World Cup or Super Bowl, after all.

One of the things which many people seem to love about GoDaddy, and certainly one of the things we love, is the fact that GoDaddy is so simple to use. There are a lot of products on offer, both domain and hosting wise, and it is ridiculously simple to work out what service is going to be right for you.

Most people probably gravitate towards GoDaddy because it is so cheap to register a domain name with them. Not a day goes by where they do not have a special offer or other promotion in place.

There is also a Discount Domain Club where you can register if you regularly buy domains and want even better prices on them. It will give you discounts on most of the services provided by GoDaddy, although you will need to pay for this membership.

User Interface

It is one of the only registrars with dedicated region pages. GoDaddy offers some language flexibility most registrars don’t.

A lot of features come at the cost of having a crowded interface. The interface can be quite confusing at times. Trying to get to your cPanel can be a pain, taking up to 4 clicks after you log in your account.

This domain registrar is one of the most prominent registrars out there; you can find features and offers not seen in other registrars. The sheer size and revenue that GoDaddy has allowed them to innovate in new ways that sculpt the actual market.

Domain Pricing

There are currently 478 TLDs available to purchase, prices starting at little more than 3 dollars. The huge variety of domains will soon increase up to 748, and you also have the option to follow the availability of a TLD that sparked your attention.

A new feature that we find interesting would be “Domain price evaluation,” this is a feature that allows you to analyze the current value in the market for your domain.

Domain price evaluation is especially handy for resellers, being able to analyze the value of a domain on the fly. GoDaddy also has a “domains for investment” page, which can also be a big hit in the reseller market.

These are just some of the big innovations Godaddy is offering that sets them apart from all of the other registrars.

Domain Transfer

Domain transfers differ very little from one registrar to the other; it is handled with a straightforward process that comes explained in detail within every FAQ page.

You might want to transfer your domain for various reasons; the main one would be to conserve your name when you feel you can get a better service or price with another registrar.

To start, the user must unlock the domain in the domain settings, sometimes having to unlock the account first, this is all an easy but time-consuming process, it is all for security matters so we cannot complain.

Next, we need the authentication code (EPP code) that is provided by the original registrar, reasonably easy to find most of the time, but will vary for every registrar website.

After the domain is unlocked and the authentication code is handy, we proceed to insert this information to the destination registrar site, and the process will be done after some time, and the authorization is given, from an email that the user receives from the original registrar.

Domain Settings

Managing your domain name should be simple. Each domain name has its own control panel, which means that you can change DNS records with ease. You can also change the details for that specific domain, or for transferring away from GoDaddy.

After the purchase is made, there is not a lot to do with a domain inside a domain only site; you can set up. There a few standard features included in every registrar website:

Transfer Lock

A domain transfer lock (also called a domain registrar lock) prevents unauthorized transfers of your domain, it is a mandatory and straightforward feature that every registrar website must have, this exists merely for safety reasons, and it is done in the same way with every registrar.

URL Forwarding

The URL forwarding exists for many use cases. The main reason is to forward a user to the main TLD, say that you purchased “mywebsite.com” and also purchased “mywebsite.net.”

It would be counter-intuitive or resource friendly to upload a copy of the website to a host for each TLD, so you make “mywebsite.net” forward the user to “mywebsite.com” where all the magic is happening.

Email Forwarding

Also a very standard feature in any registrar, this allows you to have an Email address that means business, like “businessman@mywebsite.com” and receive the Emails to your mail.

DNS Management

Gives the user complete control over the DNS records of the domain, using hover.com nameservers.

Domain Price Evaluation

GoDaddy can estimate a current value for your domains by analyzing the current market and demand. This is a feature that is still in beta stage.

E-mail & Hosting

GoDaddy is the only registrar in the market that offers a warranty on their uptime, 99.9% is a very bold number for any hosting. The registrar offers every type of hosting available on the market, from the standard shared hosting to dedicated servers.

Prices for all of the hosting options are not as competitive compared to other options but stating to be the best service in the world, and it does have a good return on investment.

Website hosting is widely controlled and administered with cPanel, which is the tool most people learn to use when they enter the scene. Most of the hosting options are controlled by cPanel, which is a reliable and known choice.

There is a special hosting plan that is not often seen in the market. We are talking about WordPress easy hosting. WordPress easy hosting is a lightweight and basic solution, although the WordPress plans have very similar if not the same prices as standard hosting,

WordPress is a framework mostly used by beginner and simple design websites; it is sturdy and easy to modify.

GoDaddy offers SEO services that are quite unique to the market. For just one dollar more, you can get a significant SEO boost using the DELUXE plan.


Phone Call Support

We get our help and help page, separating the self-guidance material from the actual support. The help page is separated by categories and has fascinating articles on how to make your business a successful one from the start. All of these articles are surprisingly useful and well thought out, it’s years of experience that you can gather the easy way.

24/7 open phone lines always make us happy, and very easy to access. You are sure to be covered entirely in an unfortunate situation you might encounter. Although GoDaddy is reported to be the best of the hosting services.

With less downtime than any other registrar on the market; you will have a great support experience if the situation ever comes to happen. The most impressive part about the support is that they have dedicated phone lines for every major city in a vast variety of countries. So, with a local phone call, you can have the best world-wide experience.

Ticket Support

One thing that isn’t brilliant about GoDaddy is the fact that they are not that great when you send them a ticket. When you send them a ticket, it is not uncommon for them to take days and days to respond, and even then it may not be the response that you were hoping for.


GoDaddy is the best and the biggest not just for one reason. Constant innovation and excellent support make them a huge step ahead of their competitors.

If you are buying a domain name, then it is likely that you are going to end up at GoDaddy eventually. Nearly everybody does, and the fact that they offer so many different domain name services means that you are likely going to be sticking around with them too.

We only expect to see further growth and monopolization in the market in the years to come.

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