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Modern and easy. Every process is seamless and it would be described as truly intuitive. Buying a domain name takes a total of 30 seconds. All is very minimalistic since Google Domains is just a domain registrar and nothing more. The interface can be very minimalistic and feel a bit empty, but nothing to worry about. You have everything you need to register a domain name at a straight forward, unchanging fee.

Google Domains have but one thing to offer, and it does it in a good way. No upsells or visual candy whatsoever; there is no way to get distracted from your goal.


Any function or action that the user may want to do is so easy to find and explained to detail before the user starts. Domains have a long list of actions, that are well documented and managed. It is an all-around good experience.

The main goal here is to be as less intimidating as possible for people that are new to the online scene. Everything is presented to the user in a step by step manner, offering all of the options available in an easy way to comprehend.

Domain Transfer

There exists a 5-article sheet on the Google Domain help page. It explains step by step what you should do to get a domain from another registrar. You also have a huge list that states the supported top-level domains, including the specified price, as said before.

The goal is simplicity, and the task of transferring a domain can be daunting for some users. Google Domains make it as simple as possible to understand what is happening and what the user should do next.


You start with unblocking the domain on the original registrar account, obtain the verification code, input this information in Google domains, pay the annual subscription, choose to import or configure the privacy settings, and in a matter of time; the domain is ready and set for one more year of use.

Domain transferring has become a very standardized task among most of the registrar sites. Google Domains nail it when it comes to making it simple and never making it feel overwhelming or too confusing.

Domain Settings

Easy resource record management includes A, CNAME, AAAA, MX, PTR, NS, SPF, TXT, SRV. The user can use Google synthetic records to integrate with Google app engine, easy domain forwarding, and G Suite setup. As google domains do not offer E-mail service or hosting, it gives you the option to integrate with G Suite and various third-party software straightforwardly.


G Suite allows the user to make branded e-mails with the domain. You can tell that this is a feature directed for novice or beginner users by the way everything is explained in the main site. Not to discourage advanced users that want the reliability of Google servers and service as a company.

It is a powerful tool used by many companies, even opting out of the Microsoft office monopoly. Every email comes with its own Google Docs, Google Sheets, and many other utilities that a company may need for its employees. The always online experience can have many benefits over a local one.

The user may add and manage name servers, configure TTL and switch registrar locking. All of the features that the simple domain management includes are documented in the resource records so that the end user is never lost.

E-mail & Hosting

Google Domains are exclusively domain purchasing and maintenance. Keeping the interface and the platform simple, Google domains has opted to offer users G Suite synchronization and third-party hosting options. Most of these come with the best website builders on the market.

G Suite is an easy and powerful E-mail hosting solution. More than just your e-mail it comes with its own Google drive dedicated to the company. All of these services are focused on teamwork and collaboration. It is how Google pioneered a new way of doing an E-mail service. It’s not just for sending and receiving mail.

g suite

If the user decides to use G Suite subscription, it includes Calendar, video conferencing, Docs, and more tools for the end user´s business, 30 GB of online storage, all for The monthly cost of $5 per user in the Basic edition and $10 per user in the Business edition.

G Suite is not only available for Google domains, so what are the advantages? Well if the user sets up G Suite using Google Domains, it will automatically set up Gmail and email protection features, like DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) and Sender Policy Framework (SPF).

Administrative tasks are also handled from Google domains control panel, making it ever more easy to control and manage every aspect of your website.

This all is offered in a natural and organic way, but at no point in time does it limit the options for the end user, allowing for complete customization from the start. The premise of smart and smooth user experience is delivered in the best way possible.

Customer Support

If you are not familiar with Google support hub, you are in for a treat. You get live chat, ticket system that feels like a chat, calls and more. Google has one of the best customer service policies and infrastructure on the market, regarding any tech company out there.


The best part for some users is that Google support is available in many languages, a total of 49 supported languages.

If you have any trouble or just can’t be bothered to look up the resource files, a Google representative is always ready to help you out with anything you need. Almost instant response times and high-speed service. All of the Google reps know what they’re talking about. We have no bad experience with Google’s customer support service and is a useful feature for any Google product.

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