How It Works

What Do You Buy?

Let’s cut to the chase and see what do you buy when you’re buying an expired domain at

You’re buying the quality of backlinks, a number of referring domains, domain age, traffic, and a domain name. The higher is the metric quality; the higher is the price of a domain.

Other third-party metrics you used to evaluate the quality of an expired domain such as Trust Flow, Citation Flow, MozRank, Spam Score, Page Authority, etc., are not taken into consideration and do not affect the SEO value of a domain.

We are aware that many of you had different learning curves from the point you started working in the SEO industry. However, there are still many outdated beliefs rather than the facts gathered by personal research so as around the domain evaluation system. Therefore, we solely rely on the most relevant and up-to-date data.

Money Saving System

There are no secrets to success, but a system to success. The only thing you need to do is to work it. The system we’re about to explain will work for you as it already works for many other SEOs that are aware of constant changes in “the game.”

Our experience and knowledge can help you to expand your domain’s inventory with hand-picked domains. Also, and more importantly, we assure you that our skills help you to grab expired domains for a much lower price than you could obtain yourself.

Considering your needs, share us as many as possible details about the niche you work in through the online support. That way, quality and a niche targeted domains can surely help you to achieve results much faster and way easier.

Loss of Backlinks

An expired domain should be set back online with website’s content as soon as possible after you purchase it with no exception and no matter on a drop type and here is why.

Statistically, 68% of high-quality expired domains start losing referring domains (i.e., backlinks) continuously after they expire, if a content is not online, and if there are URL errors for a more extended period that do not allow a user to access information from the visited site.

The percentage can vary, and it depends on the level of authority of websites which link back to a domain. The higher is domain authority, the higher is the chance for the domain to continue losing backlinks.

Ownership Transfer

All domains we take off the auction marketplace must first complete an ownership transfer before they are ready for another push. But this time to the buyer’s account within the same registrar.

The ownership transfer of a domain to our registrar account can take up 48h to 7 days (e.g., the ownership transfer takes around seven days at GoDaddy) until the domain is not entirely ready for the instant push to your account.

Here at, all expired domains available for purchase are premium auction domains, and the domain you have just purchased can be still in the process.

However, when you start buying expired domains, you’ll be able to see the remaining time left for the push easily. After the ownership transfer completes, you’ll receive the email about final steps to complete the push for your purchased domain.

Order Processing

All orders are processed from 8 AM to 8 PM CET, seven days a week in the order they are received.


Grab the Advantage

When a domain is pushed, it changes the ownership and not a registrar. The main advantage is that domain pushing is free of charge and Google has no idea that you’ve just become the new domain owner.

Domain Push

Unlike transfer outs, a domain push is done instantly, it is free of charge, and you get full control over a domain. As you already know, the push only indicates the change of ownership of the domain and the domain remains consistent to the same registrar.

However, if you compare how long does it take to transfer out the domain to another registrar and ownership transfer’s time frame, it’s clear that a transfer takes longer than a change of ownership, and it takes from 5 to 14 days. Plus the waiting time to get the EPP code at first from the registrar which takes 3 to 5 days.

Such waiting time you will experience on most domain selling services which work on the Authorization Code business model.


A domain push must be accepted on your part before it completes. An authorization email will be automatically sent to you from a registrar after the push is initiated on our part. After the domain lands to your account, we strongly suggest changing registrant contact details to match your own.

Pro Tip

Wait at least 8 to 10 weeks if you decide to move the domain from a current registrar. Even then, if your website is online, you’ll be able to transfer the domain risk-free and not experience downtime.

Registrar Diversity

Do not forget that timing, quality, and diversity lead to successful search engine manipulation. Fortunately for you, the registrar diversity comes naturally with this model.

All expired domains you can purchase from us can be registered on at least eight registrars, which is perfect for keeping you safe at the start.

We won’t mess around with an Auth Code (also known as EPP Code, Transfer Code), but rather with a domain push on the same registrar.

Registrar Examples

Dynadot | NameSilo | NameBright | Network Solutions | GoDaddy

Domain renewal

Sometimes a domain renewal can negatively affect auction domains. Even if a domain is won and an ownership transfer has begun, the previous domain owner can still renew it. It can happen, for example, at GoDaddy registrar.

If the previous owner initiates renewal, the ownership transfer immediately stops, and he remains the owner.

Of course, if the domain is renewed after you purchase it from us, you’ll get a full refund with no question asked (monitored by us).

If You Like the Domain, Don't Miss It!

Contact us, and we can contact the owner and see if he is willing to sell the domain to you at the best possible price we can negotiate and without gimmicks on our part.

Domain Locking

Domain locking is common in the world of expired, auction domains and it especially applies to the core group of well-known generic top-level domains also known as gTLDs.

ICANN’s 60-day Lock

ICANN’s 60-day lock is one of security measures to prevent unauthorized domain transfers after the change of any registrant details. The 60-day transfer lock went into effect on August 1st, 2016, and it’s still in effect.

To mention the lock is important because it’s the reason why a domain is pushed rather than transferred between registrars.

After sixty days, the domain has a great chance to lose a considerable number of backlinks while sitting on a registrar and waiting for the lock to expire.

Auction Lock

The auction lock may or may not happen and mostly applies to pre-releases. It disables the control over a domain almost entirely. The only control you have is control over domain nameservers.

It can last two weeks, a month or 42 days and it depends on the registrar of the domain. But we’ve found a way to remove it in no time successfully.


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