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In most cases, you should always buy an existing domain name. There are a lot of advantages to doing that. However, you also need to remember that there are a few pitfalls to buying an existing domain. A lot of the time it is these downsides which is why the domain is going to be for sale in the first place. While you can probably rectify a lot of the domain name health issues on your own, it is going to take a lot of time, and it is probably not going to be worth it.

Deindexed by Google

It is probably one of the most severe penalties that a site can have. Again, it is easy to find out whether a site has been deindexed or not. Type the following into Google:


You should replace “yourdomain.com” with the domain you are checking. If there are backlinks to a site, but there is no sign of the site in the search engine, then this means it has been deindexed.


REMEMBER: If a domain is deindexed, that’s not always a bad sign. It doesn’t mean that the domain is Google penalized. It often means that the domain is simply deindexed and that it can be easily indexed again. It could be deindexed because it’s previously 301/302 redirected to another website, or simply manually deindexed by the previous owner. The best way to check if the domain has a Google penalty is to check the history of the domain name through archive.org.

A Site Can’t be Found Through an Info Search

Most people will never check, but you can search for domain names using the info. Type the following into Google, just like before:


If it can’t be found, then either the domain name is soft banned from Google, or it has been redirected to another domain. If you notice that the traffic for your domain is dropping, then it is likely that you have a soft penalty on your domain, and searching like this is always an excellent place to start.


Not returning the result


The result exists

A Site is Listed as an Adult Site

Probably only something you want if you are planning to build an adult site. Remember: you can’t monetize adult sites with Google!

Can’t Park a Domain

It is something you will need to consider even if you are not planning on parking the domain at the moment. The easiest method is to use the Bodis domain status tool. If it is banned, then there is an issue with a site. It is unlikely you will ever be able to reverse this penalty.


Tool to check the parking status of a domain name

Domain parking services:

It is probably not going to be important if you are never going to park your website, but it is still worth thinking about because your site will be seen as ‘negative’ in the eyes of Google.

Adsense Ban

Even if you do not plan on using Adsense on a website, you should still check whether it has been banned or not. After all, it means that Google has seen something wrong with a domain name, and that means you could get a hit in the searches.

Thankfully, finding out whether a site has an AdSense ban or not is easy. You need to use the Adsense Sandbox and see whether ads appear on the site or not. Of course, ads must be enabled on the site first.


Google Ads

The problem is that it becomes very difficult to determine why the domain has been banned from Adsense. Sometimes it is obvious, e.g.:

  • Low-quality content
  • Trademark infringement
  • Adult or gambling content
  • Spam content

Others, not quite so much. You will need to work out whether it is something you genuinely care about.


As you can see, it is not so simple to find a clean domain. But if you are targeting for expired domains, things can become more complicated then you think. There are a lot more factors you should check and decide whether a domain can do the job.

Maybe you now realize the importance of the work we do here. Our years of expertise can help you to avoid any obstacles when you decide to buy expired domains for your own or your client’s needs. Therefore, we bring you the list of spam-free expired domains you can buy only on SERP.domains.

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