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The best starting point for a website is a quality domain name. A lot of the early success of a site will be determined simply by the domain name.

Before you register a domain, there are a few questions that need to be asked, though. You need to determine whether you want a short domain name, a keyword rich domain name, so people know what your site is about straight away, or a domain name which plays into a brand.

There is no ‘right’ decision here. It all depends on your personal preference and what you aim to get out of site ownership. However, some things can be considered to make buying a domain name as simple as possible.

When to purchase a brandable domain name?

The brandable domain name you should only use if you have enough funds available for marketing purposes. Since the domain name is not going to tell anybody what your site is about, you need to educate them in other ways. That being said, if you do plan for the long term, purchasing a brandable domain name is easily the best route to go down.

Take Booking.com or Airbnb, both in the same travel niche, for example. If you weren’t educated about what those brands are (after millions spent on marketing), would you ever know about them?

You must realize that building a brand is a time-consuming and expensive process and that is why aged expired domains play a significant role in search engine optimization.

So, you can realize now in what way SERP.domains helps you to save both time and money at the start by purchasing already-branded aged expired domains that have SEO value.

Such auction domains already contain link profiles worth several thousand dollars.

The best way to choose a keyword focused domain

Since it is probable that your marketing budget is going to be limited, you will want to opt for a domain which is focused on keywords (EMD – exact match domain or PMD – partial match domain). This way people will know what they are getting into before they even land on your website.

In an ideal world, you would purchase the single English word for your domain e.g., if your site were dedicated to cars, you would choose cars.com. The problem is that all these domain names were literally taken years ago, and in the rare event they come up for sale. You are going to need to pay an extortionate amount of cash. Sometimes a few dozen and even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In most cases, you will need to go for a domain name which contains more than one keyword. In fact, you will probably need at least two or three. However, you will still need to consider various factors such as:

  • Keyword density
  • Domain lenght
  • Domain availability
  • Domain price

If you know about SEO, then you will understand that every keyword will have a broad and exact search term attached to it. The exact will be all the words in your phrase used at once. A broad search term will look at the search results for all the words in your domain name, whether they are related to the keyword or not.

Unless you are lucky, the broad keyword will always be far larger in terms of search volume than the exact match keyword.

It is your job to work out whether you are going for a broad match or exact match keyword domain. Thankfully, you can look at a metric called keyword uniformity (KU) to decide this. Here is the calculation:

keyword uniformity formula KU

Keyword Uniformity (KU)

Ideally, you will want to have this metric as low as possible as it means you will have more leeway when it comes to determining what content you can have on your website.

Of course, even if KU metric is low, you still need to pay attention to the exact search volume. If it’s too low, then you are probably not going to get the traffic that you want on your website.

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