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The Internet Protocol Address, or IP address for short, is a mailing address for your computer or your domain name and it is incredibly important. Every single domain name has an IP address attached to it. It is how the internet communicates. Whenever you type a domain name into your address bar, this isn’t what is being sent through the internet; it will be the IP address. It means that it can be handy to know what your IP address actually is. It will give you a few ways in which you can determine that.

Use Online Services

If you prefer not to use the command prompt, maybe because you do not have a Windows computer, then you will be pleased to know that there are many online services that you can use to track down the domain name IP address. A quick Google search will help you here. Once you have found a site you want to use, it is simply a case of typing in a domain name and getting the IP address that way.

IP/Domain Checkers you can use:

Using the Command Prompt

If you have a Windows computer, then this is going to be the easiest method:

1. – Find the search on your taskbar


2. – Type in CMD and hit the link that comes up which says ‘Command Prompt.’ It will open the CMD.



3. – Type the following in: nslookup DOMAIN.COM and hit the ENTER button. Replace the “DOMAIN.COM” with the domain name for which you want to find the IP address. We used facebook.com for this example.




Congratulations! You have just learned how to find the IP address of the domain you, or somebody else owns.

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