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Network Solutions is easily one of the worst domain registrars in general we work with, unfortunately. And here is why.

For starters, if you change your address details or any contact details for your domain, then Network Solutions will lock you from transferring your domain name away from them for around 60 days. This goes against ICANN guidelines, which means if you call them they have to lift the lock, but they are going to make you jump through hoops by sharing some additional information with them.

We are going to walk you through the process of managing your domain through the Network Solutions and transferring out the same.

Choose a Domain to Transfer Out

Thankfully, the first step is the easiest. Go to your dashboard and find the domain name that you want to transfer away from Network Solutions.

choose a domain to transfer out from network solutions

Turn off the Transfer Lock

Scroll down this page and find the link that says “Transfer Lock: Turn Off and Request Authorization Code’. But to be more precisely, the transfer lock on Network Solutions is actually the lock which is known as Registrar Lock.

turn off transfer lock

The Process Started

If at this point you don’t think that Network Solutions are that bad of a company, you can be sucked into their marketing and renew your domain cheaper than you usually would. However, if you are looking to transfer away, it is likely that you already know just how bad the company is and are looking to get away quickly.

turn off transfer lock

Warning Window

It is when the threats are going to start. Network Solutions are going to give you warnings that renewing your domain elsewhere is going to be more expensive. They will also tell you that all of your details will be made public (this is your WHOIS details, which you know are going to be famous anyway). Hit the button that says “Continue Transfer.”

continue transferring out

The Poll

The threats are going to stop at this point, or maybe not. Instead, you are going to be given a poll that will ask you to tell the company why you want to leave in the first place. It is annoying to be hit with a poll like this, but it goes to show how much the company wants you to stick around and continue to use them. Yes. You will need to go through the process each and every domain you want to move.


Additional Measures

Even though you hit the button that said “Request Authorization Code” in Step 5, you are still not done. You now need to read through a few more options. You will notice that the “Request Authorization Code” checkbox is by default unchecked. Tick it. You won’t get your code otherwise.

additional questions

Three Days for the Code

You still will not have the code at this point. Oh no. It is going to take three days for you to receive it via email. It means that Network Solutions are one of the slowest providers around. Some people have said that they have been able to get their code quicker by picking up the phone and calling Network Solutions, but if you thought them advertising on their site to get you to stay was terrible, calling them will be even worse.

Auth Code Received

Got the code? Great. Although, it still takes up to 10 days to have your domain start to transfer to your new provide. But even then that may not happen.

A lot of people have complained that their transfer is blocked without any reason. The only way in which you can deal with it is by getting in touch with ICANN Complaints Office. It is because Network Solutions do not want you to leave them, and they will use any excuse, no matter how valid that excuse is, to keep you kicking about on their site.

You may also find that, on occasion, Network Solutions are incredibly slow when it comes to transferring your domain away. ICANN allow up to 5 days for the authorization code to be sent, and often Network Solutions will go over those five days. You need to make a complaint. Complete loss of time.

Pricing at Network Solutions

The initial domain name from Network Solutions is going to be cheap. However, once you have started the process to buy, you will begin to realize just why it is so cheap. It is because many of the features that are free with other domain name providers are going to cost you a lot of money with Network Solutions. It is going to be often 3x as high to renew your domain at Network Solutions than with other companies too.

domain add-ons prices

Why You Can’t Escape From Network Solutions?

Well, because up until 1999, it was the only place in the world the average person could register their domain name. It means that, even now, some of the best domain names and a lot of SEO valuable domains are registered at Network Solutions and they do not want to let them go.

Unfortunately, if you’re going to get your hands on aged expired domains (from auction) and use them for SEO, you are going to need to deal with Network Solutions at some point.

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