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Indexing generally describes the gathering of information about content; in the online context, this is content from the World Wide Web. Keywords and search terms are used to collect and sort documents in an index.

The indexed documents are provided with corresponding descriptors for better and faster retrieval. Similar to libraries, a search term entered by a user can be served with relevant content from these keywords.


Descriptors, in this case, are keywords that a user could enter for a specific search query. In short, indexing is the creation of an index in which web documents are collected, indexed, sorted, and made available for search.

The Indexing Process

The process of indexing web documents is complex and uses many methods from computer and information science. Important terms are information retrieval, information development, and data mining.

  • Information retrieval (The evaluation of unstructured data, also known as information retrieval.)
  • Information development (Describes the collection of information from web documents using keywords.)
  • Data mining (An empirical method to summarize and evaluate large data sets. It is done with the help of algorithms, artificial intelligence, and statistics.)

google indexing

Even before the user makes a search query, so-called crawlers, such as Google Bot, search documents on the Internet. They are read, added to the index and sorted. Only then can the search engines provide the user in the SERPs with relevant content for the search term (keyword). To optimize the process, the search engine providers are continually working on improving the indexing of websites.

The Meaning for SEO

Indexing is very important for search engine optimization (SEO). Webmasters can control which pages should be crawled, indexed and ultimately displayed in search engine results. High positions in the SERPs are reached, among other things, with qualitatively high-quality content.

Since Google regularly develops search engine algorithms, webmasters should always keep up to date so that they can intervene at any time to keep spam pages away from the index.

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