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We do not doubt that Namecheap is one of the most prominent registrars out there. Namecheap has a beautiful interface, very easy to use, and it feels exceptionally fast. Apart from being sleek, it is easy to use and very intuitive.

Most registrars use similar color palettes, Namecheap is no exception, not to say it’s not attractive. All of the standard features are easy to find and laid out in a very accessible way; it takes a few clicks to get anything done.

namecheap interface

Namecheap has an exceptional searching method called beast mode. It’s a search method that allows you to search by words that have any relationship with your original search.

Beast mode is exceptional for when you’re not sure of the name for your website. It can give you great ideas for when you are not sure of what name you want.

Domain Pricing

It is where namecheap.com shines, making it the best registrar by far in terms of TLD pricing. For a meager price, barely exceeding the 1 dollar mark. The ultra-low fee only applies for the first year.

After the first year is complete, a much bigger renewal fee will be charged. The renewal fees can be hard to find before the purchase, making the prices untransparent.

namecheap tld prices

The renewal prices are not so high, so we don’t see a reason for being secretive about it, if you are not used to higher renewal prices, this might come as a surprise for you.

Every domain comes with free Whois protection, which has become a widespread industry standard, and a significant requirement in the current industry.

Domain Transfer

Domain transfers differ very little from one registrar to the other; it is handled with a straightforward process that comes explained in detail within every FAQ page.

You might want to transfer your domain for various reasons; the main one would be to conserve your name when you feel you can get better service or price with another registrar.

domain transfer

To start, the user must unlock the domain in the domain settings, sometimes having to unlock the account first, this is all an easy but time-consuming process, it is all for security matters so we cannot complain.

Next, we need the authentication code that is provided by the original registrar, reasonably easy to find most of the time, but will vary for every registrar.

After the domain is unlocked and the authentication code is obtained, we proceed to insert this information to the destination registrar site, and the process will be done up to 5 days. The authorization is given, from an email that the user receives from the original registrar.

Domain Settings

There a few standard features included in every registrar website:

  •    Transfer Lock

It prevents unauthorized transfers of your domain. It is a mandatory and straightforward feature that every registrar website must-have. It exists merely for safety reasons, and it is done in the same way with every registrar.

  •    URL Forwarding

It exists for many use cases. The main reason is to forward a user to the main TLD, say that you purchased “mywebsite.com” and also purchased “mywebsite.net.” It would be counter-intuitive or resource friendly to upload a copy of the website to a host for each TLD, so you make “mywebsite.net” forward the user to “mywebsite.com” where all the magic is happening.

  •    Email Forwarding

Also, a very standard feature in any registrar, this allows you to have an Email address that means business, like “businessman@mywebsite.com,” and receive the Emails to your mail.

  •    DNS Management

Gives the user complete control over the DNS records of the domain, using hover.com nameservers.

Email & Hosting

Offering a variety of hosting plans that seem to be a meager price. The low prices only apply for customers that acquire the yearly plan, and the monthly fee is a very standard price compared to competitors.

Namecheap offers every hosting available on the market. From the standard and shared hosting to dedicated servers. Prices for all of the hosting options are very competitive, and with all of the options at hand, there is bound to be a good one for you.

Website hosting is widely controlled and administered with cPanel, which is the tool most people learn to use when they enter the scene.

namecheap web hosting

Most of the hosting options are controlled by Cpanel, which is a reliable and known choice. There is a special hosting plan that is not often seen in the market. We are talking about WordPress, easy hosting.

WordPress easy hosting is a lightweight and basic solution, this is a very cheap plan that targets the users that only use WordPress for their hosting needs.

WordPress is a framework mostly used by beginner and simple design websites; it is sturdy and easy to modify.

Namecheap offers 2 months of free trial for its professional Emailing solution. This Email claims to be a cloud-based solution that provides lots of storage and spam protection.


We get our support and How to page, separating the self-guidance material from the actual help. The How to page is divided by categories and has fascinating articles on how to make your business a successful one from the start.

live chat support

All of these articles are surprisingly useful and well thought out, it’s years of experience that you can gather the easy way. 24/7 instant reply live chat always makes us happy, and very easy to access.

You are sure to be covered entirely in an unfortunate situation you might encounter. Although Namecheap is reported to be one of the hosting services with less downtime on the market, you will have an excellent support experience if the situation ever comes to happen.


Namecheap has to be declared one of the top 3 domain registrars; the only downside visible would be the untransparent pricing.

Renewal prices can be hard to find, but they are not high or exaggerated. Apart from the transparency, Namecheap has everything you want and needs from a name registrar. It is entirely recommended for any user, from beginners to big companies.

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