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Google Index

Most SEOs concern about penalties when buying expired domains. The Google index is an accurate indicator which points out that a domain is healthy.


High-authority and niche related backlink profiles stand out aged domains as the SEO method which improves Google rankings and drives more organic traffic.


The successful SE manipulation not only depends on the quality of backlinks but also about the dofollow vs nofollow ratio. Same applies for the anchor text.

SEO Value

SEO analysis tools, such as Ahrefs, Majestic, SEMrush, and MOZ, do an excellent work to sort out and deliver you SEO valuable, spam-free domains.

SEO-Optimized Expired Domains

We use our custom-made tool to detect spam in the process of vetting!

We strongly rely on our domain spam checking tool. It helps us to detect and mark all domains infected with spam. Even those which seem clean at first sight. That way we can guarantee about our domain’s inventory. Be sure you will buy exclusively powerful and 100% spam-free expired domains that will boost your rankings in the SERPs. And even only with the existing backlink profile!

SEOs & agencies trust us

HQ domains weekly


top niches covered

Rank and restore traffic instantly!

Meet with the system which guarantees the quality, saves time and costs on additional link building. Ditch the Google sandbox and see instant results in the SERPs. Whether you are starting a new money site, building a private blog network (PBN), building satellite sites or doing 301 redirects, aged expired domains with quality backlink profiles are proven and highly-effective SEO tactic.

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Boost Your SEO and Increase ROI

We don’t like to brag, but we’re always excited with the results that our respected clients share with us. The expired domain strategy works great for them, and they always return to us because we provide the real SEO value! Our clients mostly use expired domains for money sites and 301 redirects.

Raw 301 Redirect • Insane 3,000,000 / month organic traffic spike

One of our clients did a super-heavy 301 redirect with the most powerful expired domain we ever had in domain’s inventory. It was a niche-related expired domain with DR 70 and 6.3K RD worth $15,500.00. You won’t believe, but it was just the test before creating a new, highly-authoritative and stable money site on that same domain. Soon after staggering results, the redirect was removed, but it gave invaluable insight.

301 Redirect • Organic traffic increased

Money Site • On-page without additional links

Money Site • On-page without additional links

301 Redirect • Organic traffic increased

We Got Your Back

Domain Experts

We can certainly assure you that we know what we do and what you want. We are willing to share our expertise to help you to realize how expired domains are an unquestionably indispensable part of SEO.

Efficient System

The SEO friendly system that’s easy to implement into any ranking strategy. This approach gives you an extra layer of safety and quality to keep your or client’s projects highly positioned in the SERPs.

Due Diligence

The domain analysis is performed methodically to deliver you the comprehensive list of aged expired domains which help you or your clients to reach SEO goals with the best possible ranking results.

Fast Transfer

Domain pushing is a much flexible and faster process over domain transferring with few advantages. The domain push is free and immediate, and neither Google nor WHOIS does not record it.


Trust is everything to us. We have worked years to gain trust with our hundreds of clients, and we want you to trust us too. We will endeavor to do everything to make your work with us as smooth as possible.

Online Support

If you have any questions about expired domains we offer, then feel free to reach us through our live chat support where our customer service agents are there to answer any questions that you may have.

The Quality Speaks for Itself

Reasons to Buy Expired Domains

No Google sandbox

Newly registered domains suffer from Google sandbox. No matter if a website has good content and inbound links, the site can be still affected by the filter. On the other hand, aged expired domains are not affected by the sandbox effect.

Existing authority

Anybody who understands SEO will know that the website authority is absolutely everything. To build it up requires time, and aged domains make such effort much more feasible.

Passing the Link Juice

An expired domain with aged backlinks will pass the link juice to a website if linking to it, and precisely that allows you to rank higher in Google’s search engine.

Already Aged

With a domain age, at some point and together with other factors, the domain authority comes to the fore. We all know how the Google algorithm positively reacts to authoritative domains in terms of website rankings.

Existing backlinks

Backlinks are the lifeblood of any website. They are extremely valuable when you’re starting an entirely new project or just passing the link juice through expired domain to already running money site. The more relevant and authoritative websites link to your site, the higher Google ranks are guaranteed.

Existing traffic

Most people don’t even realize that most expired domains still receiving traffic. If you know how to convert it, a domain will give you an additional boost.

SEO’ers Who Trust Us 

I bought a dozen domains so far, and I must say that the quality is just something you can’t find from other domain sources! Not only quality but domains have been highly niche-targeted. It’s a pleasure to work with true professionals – highly recommended!

Henri T.

CEO & Founder, Sourrc Ltd.

I work with the SERP team for quite some time, and some of them became good friends of mine. I’m enjoying it whenever we discuss domains, and what can be done with a domain in a very intuitive way. Also, I’ve learned a lot of useful things about the industry and what I can say for sure is that they will not waste your time!

Angel Y.

Head of SEO

After I specified domain requirements, Ivan and his team delivered me a powerful, but highly-priced expired domain. It was pretty great when we saw 20k/month traffic increase in less than 2 weeks! And the domain wasn’t even topically related! 

Dávid K.

CEO & Founder, Leadvertise Kft

I had hard times to find a supplier for strong auction domains but finally met these guys. I can’t say anything else but that they are fast, constructive, reliable, and I’m more than satisfied how well the domains perform. I used them mostly for 301 redirects and as money sites.

Bishal B.

SEO Expert, DailySEO

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